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  • Tips for Volunteering

    Be selective Think about what matters to you, and be selective about where you spend your time. Choosing...

  • Volunteering as a Family

    Today, families are finding new ways to spend time together—and volunteering is one way to do just that. There...

  • Tips for Student and Youth Volunteering

    Ask around: Word of mouth is the best way to learn about opportunities. If you find an organization that interests...

  • Benefits of Volunteering

    Whether it is important to you to solve a community problem, advance a worthy cause or to develop as a person,...

  • The Newest and Best Way to Make an Impact

    Get Connected is an easy-to-use web-based platform that matches the right donors, advocates, and volunteers with the right opportunities in our neighborhoods. Use Get Connected to find ways to give your unused materials and household items to agencies in need of donations, advocate for causes that require your passionate voice, and volunteer your time in ways that make a real difference.


Welcome to Volunteer SouthCoast!

This website is THE place for volunteerism in the SouthCoast! We enourage you to GET CONNECTED; browse our lists of volunteer opportunities, in-kind needs, upcoming events and organizations to find out where you can make the greatest impact. 

Volunteer SouthCoast is an initiative of United Way of Greater Fall River, United Way of Greater New Bedford and United Way of Greater Plymouth County.

If you would like one-on-one assistance please email us at volunteersouthcoast@gmail.com or contact your local United Way.

UWGFR: Contact Bob Horne at 508-678-8361

UWGNB: Victoria Grasela at 508-994-9625 ext. 10

UWGPC: Kimberly Allen at 508-583-6306 ext. 106


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